I’ll Get Around to It

POSTED ON September 04, 2015

After eight years of immersing herself in the vocal jazz tradition by studying with the best teachers and getting her feet wet onstage, Carrie Wicks gathered some of Seattle’s finest for her debut recording. With co-producer Bill Anschell on piano, Jeff Johnson on bass, Byron Vannoy on drums, and Hans Teuber on clarinet and tenor sax, Ms. Wicks displays a veteran’s sense of pacing and repertoire to compliment her unique and understated vocal approach. Homage is paid to Blossom Dearie with “Everything I’ve Got,” to Nat King Cole with “I’m Lost” (in six), and to Billie Holiday for her rendition of “Baby, Get Lost.” Ms. Wicks’s angelic tone mourns the story in “Lilac Wine,” Elvis Costello’s jazz ballad “Almost Blue” hits deep, and “Comes Love” is dark and foreboding yet swinging. I’ll Get Around to It is a stirring debut from an inspired new voice.


1. Everything I’ve Got 5:47 (Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers)
2. Ill Wind 5:01 (Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler)
3. I’m Lost 6:17 (Otis Rene)
4. Moon Samba (Moonlight in Vermont/No Moon at All medley) 5:19 (John Blackburn & Karl Suessdorf / Redd Evans & David Mann)
5. Lilac Wine 5:03 (James Shelton)
6. I’ll Get Around to It 3:59 (Ken Nottingham & Carrie Wicks, 2008)
7. Comes Love 7:09 (Lew Brown, Charles Tobias & Sam H. Stept)
8. I’m Old Fashioned 7:13 (Johnny Mercer & Jerome Kern)
9. Almost Blue 5:05 (Elvis Costello)
10. Baby, Get Lost 5:16 (Leonard Feather)


Carrie Wicks – vocals
Bill Anschell – piano
Jeff Johnson – bass
Byron Vannoy – drums
Hans Teuber – tenor sax & clarinet


Co-producer/arranger: Bill Anschell
Recorded & mixed by David Lange at David Lange Studios, Edgewood, WA on February 22, 2009
Mastered by Mark Guenther
Photography by Billy Brandt
Recording session photos by Ken Nottingham
Cover design by John Bishop


Cadence, Oct-Dec 2010 (Jerome Wilson)
Carrie Wicks’ voice has a slightly raspy quality which is perfect for the cool Jazz path she follows on I’ll Get Around to It. Her singing is relaxed and fits right in with her instrumental support, particularly Teuber’s husky tenor and …

JazzTimes (Christopher Loudon)
As is sadly becoming too common a tale among jazz artists, Carrie Wicks recorded her debut album in early 2009, and then spent more than a year searching for a label willing to take a chance on an unproven talent. Fortunately, given the …

The Voice, 88.7FM, Sacramento, CA (Dick Crockett)
Vocalist Carrie Wicks has a dedicated stance on placing her original stamp on just about anything she sings, as most evident in “I’ll Get Around to It,” a nice, flossy blues statement, a Wicks/Nottingham original, by the way, a muse of ’30s and ’40s …

Jazz Society of Oregon (George Fendel)
A new voice out of Seattle, Carrie Wicks’ debut CD scores from several standpoints. Wicks doesn’t go for the gusto, and that’s a good thing in a jazz singer. In addition, she’s chosen quality tunes that include “Everything I’ve Got,” “Ill Wind,” …

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
For her debut recording, Carrie Wicks takes a step beyond the torch singers and songbook-repeaters that dominate so much of the contemporary jazz vocals available on the market. There are two major components to her difference. First, she’s enlisted …

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
In the crowded and talent-filled lady jazz vocalist field, standing apart is no small feat. Some natural vocal chops, combined with a bunch of hard work and a good backing band, can make for a very viable artistic effort, and there are a lot of …

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